What is brandwriting™?

It’s the term we use to describe brand-driven communication: words that capture the essence who you are and what makes you unique in your market. Your message is your brand; brandwriting articulates your value.

More than just SEO verbiage and “listicles” masquerading as content, brandwriting goes a step farther. We focus on the audience, message, purpose, and medium of your communication–what we call the AM/PM formula.

Brandwriting gives your audience a sense of your organization’s ethos–
in other words, what you’re all about.

Where is our brandwriting found?

Everywhere you read something today, you’ll find our brandwriting in one form or another:

  • Copywriting for traditional media
    • Advertisements
    • Brochures
    • Presentations
    • Email messages
    • Flyers
    • Factsheets
    • Company stories
    • Company histories
  • Web writing
    • Content marketing
    • Email campaigns
    • Blog entries
    • Case studies
  • Social media
    • Facebook posts
    • Tweets
    • LinkedIn content
    • Google+ posts
    • Pinterest comments
    • Instagram captions
  • Practically anything else that has words on it or in it

We also offer expert editing and proofreading services on content you’ve already produced; just send it our way for a no-obligation estimate.

Some recent projects

Our satisfied clients run the gamut of size and style: