On Labor Day 2015 Colleen and I announced that we, I.deas Abound, are officially a going concern, as they say.  (In fact, we’ve been working for client since March; we took time to build some steam, complete some projects, make some clients happy, and prove to ourselves that people may actually pay us to do what we love to do.)

But as we go whole-hog proposing on jobs and fishing for leads, I find myself wondering: are we open for business, or open for busyness?

Any job can make you busy. In fact, any occupation whatsoever can make you busy. Shoot, when was the last time you ever heard someone say they were NOT busy? It’s a badge of validation in today’s world to be busy…doing something. Who cares what.

But we must care. For busyness rarely, if ever, produces true business–the drive toward a capitalistically advantageous end. And whatever else we do, Colleen and I want to advance our clients’ businesses… not just be busy, treading water, measuring output, neglecting outcomes.

So if you have a business, and you want to enhance it by finding your brand voice… we are open for you.