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Freelance writers, contract copywriters, content marketers, communicators, wordsmiths par exellence, masters of wordcraft–whatever you call us, we create that valuable verbiage you need to get your message across.

We are local!

Local to Greenville, South Carolina, that is. This gem of  the Appalachian Piedmont, lying smack-dab between Atlanta and Charlotte, puts us within a day’s drive of the entire southeastern United States, and within Zoom reach of the entire planet.  We serve clients everywhere!

Got a grammar question? Need help wrangling words?

Amanda Loveday, Sr. Project Manager

The NP Strategy team had a great time working with Ideas Abound on the DCEDP website. They were extremely efficient and wonderful to work with. They finished the project in a timely manner and were creative, had a great attention to detail, and always offered a great sense of understanding of the project and the client.

Paul Clark, VP Business Development

I especially appreciate your personal attention and responsiveness to the details of the project.  I know there are lots of bigger firms out there that brag about their big teams and impressive capabilities, but I’d put your work up against any of them. More importantly, you guys treated us like a top priority and gave specific, personal attention to our project, and wouldn’t quit until we were satisfied.